What is it?

It's a Demo time/task tracking application based on Roundbee JSON API.

What functions are implemented?

Main three objects are Activity, Task and Project.

Using this Demo Application you can add/edit/delete Projects and Tasks, track time by starting and stopping Activities.

Also you can generate Reports for Day, Task or Project using Reports section.

Why I cannot find Signup or Register page?

API is designed such way that only Subscriber can add new users.

You can apply to become Subscriber and create unlimited number of users. Small donation for BETA access to api.roundbee.com is welcome.

I want to build better application! Where can I find API reference?

API reference is available on docs.roundbee.com

Part of the API documentation about Authentification is only available for Subscribers.

This Demo is only built to show capabilities of the API, we encourage you to build your own time tracking application using RoundBee API, or integrate RoundBee API into existing application.